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Caesarea, Israel
Between 1976 and 1982 Anatoly Cohn worked with the Kibbutz Kfar-Etzion, designing and manufacturing hang gliders and related gear under the tradename Agur Gliders.

In 1982 Anatoly and the kibbutz parted ways. Anatoly married Elana and together they founded APCO Aviation Ltd, whose name (for those who always wondered) stands for the initials of Agur Products Company or Applebaum (Elana’s maiden name) and Cohn.

In the very beginning APCO worked mainly in two areas:

It continued to manufacture hang gliders, emergency parachutes, harnesses etc.

It manufactured Ultralight Aircraft, namely, the Vector, under license from Aerodyne and served the ultralight “aftermarket”, manufacturing replacement wings and accessories.

The “leisure time” market continued to grow and APCO has always strived to supply any airsports products for which there is a market demand. APCO was involved with paragliders from their very beginning, making its first models in early 1985 with Kalbermatten & VLD. APCO realized even then that paragliding was going to be the direction sport flying would go and since then has been designing, manufacturing and exporting an ever growing line of paragliders, with new, State of the Art models released every year. As head of R & D, Anatoly orchestrates the combined talents of APCO’s engineers, computer designers and test pilots.

The new regulatory restrictions on ultralights reduced the sales potential of this market, which APCO pulled out of in 1989. the trend worldwide was to prefer paragliding over hang gliding so in 1995 APCO transferred its hang gliding department to one of its agents.

Today APCO concentrates its efforts on paragliders, emergency systems (for paragliders, hang gliders and ultralights), harnesses, passive and active safety devices, accessories and related hardware. APCO is also the hidden manufacturer behind many well advertised famous European brand names.

APCO today employs 55-60 people, many of them new immigrants from the USSR. APCO has one of the largest marketing networks in the business, selling to 44 countries worldwide. Six World Records have been made on APCO’s products and top places in competitions are won daily. APCO has the manpower and the technological know-how to provide any sport aviation need. today the paragliders reign, but tomorrow there may be a new type of wing to fly!


Pilots flying APCO Paragliders have set many world records:

Record Category Pilot Country APCO Glider Record
Open Distance Alex Louw South Africa Supra 283.90 km
Flight to A Declared Goal Chris Muller Canada Hilite 111 101.50 km
Flight to A Declared Goal Sean Dougherty Canada Hilite 111 101.50 km
Flight to A Declared Goal Chris Muller Canada Astra 146.22 km
Dogleg Open Distance Willi Muller Canada Hilite 111 109.32 km
Altitude Gain Sean Dougherty Canada Astra 3672.7m
Flight to A Declared Goal Alex Louw South Africa Astra 250.20 km
Speed Around a 25km Triangle Eric Oddy Canada Supra 17.2km/h



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