Instructors Course for Hang Gliding and Paragliding

2014 Instructors Course for Hang Gliding & Paragliding.

Dates:                  March 21,22,23, 2014

Facilitators: John Janssen & Keith MacCullough, HPAC Senior Instructors

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Muller Windsports 2014 Reserve Clinic, March 15, 2014‏

Our Annual Reserve Packing Clinic will be coming up in March. Due to increasing costs, the location will be back out in Cochrane at the French School in town. Our routine is usually the experienced pilots and out-of-towners deploy first at 9am for the first hour. We then move to video presentation and discussion. During the day we will be packing and checking over reserves. If any extra work needs to be done, then those reserves will be taken to the shop and packed for pick up at a later date.

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Muller Windsports, History on video…

Check out the Muller Windsports History Video made by Nikki Janssen (daughter of our Hang Gliding Chief Instructor, John Janssen).

Find out how Hang Gliding got it’s start in Western Canada when Willi Muller decided to build a hang glider out of conduit and sail cloth…


Movie Social….

Muller Windsports – Movie Night.

Date:     Friday, March 22, 2013

Place: Muller Windsports Shop at the Cochrane Flying Site
Time:     7:00pm
No charge

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Latest on 2013 Instructors Course

2013 Annual Instructors Course

Hang Gliding & Paragliding

Friday, March 22, Saturday March 23 & Sunday, March 24, 2013

Facilitators: John Janssen & Keith MacCullough -  HPAC Senior Instructors
The course will run from 9 – 5pm daily.
Fee:     $300.00

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Reserve Deployment Clinic – March 2013

DATE:    Saturday, March 9, 2013

Repack Fee: $45.00
Deployment, inspection and repack.  The lecture is free.

Ecole Ste-Marguerite Bourgeoys, 4700 Richard Rd SW
(note: the school is next door to Bishop Carroll High School)

TIME:    9:00AM

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Old Phone-based Windtalker Replaced…

The original Windtalker phone has now been now been discontinued.  A more up-to-date weather station has been installed at Cochrane to replace it.

Thanks to Keith and Dan and the instructors and pilots who contributed to pay for it.

Be sure to check it out! You can access the link via your computer or smart phone.

Fundraiser for Stewart Midwinter…

Stewart Midwinter had an accident last August and has been working hard with rehab at Foothills hospital since that time.  There are some items that he feels would help his efforts to recover as much as possible and we thought that we would have a fundraiser to collect money that Stew can use to help his rehab.

Here is the plan:

Date:     Saturday, May 5, 2012

Time:     2pm – 6pm

Weather permitting we thought that we could have target landing for hang gliders and paragliders.  Or, ground handling around pylons, always entertaining.

A silent auction

50/50 draw

BBQ around 5pm before Stewart has to go back to the hospital.

We are hoping for a fun filled afternoon, a little like the old time Cochrane Meets that we used to have before XC flying was shut down at the Cochrane Site.


Check out Canada’s 2012 National XContest

As of today, Canada has it’s own National XContest:

It’s free to all HPAC members.

Please spread the word to all user groups and forums.

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